Uncommon Joy

Uncommon Joy

Studies indicate that 43% of woman between the ages of 18-45 have had an abortion and 79% of those women have made a profession of faith. That is 1 out every 3 woman sitting in our churches every week. My name is Jennifer Sanabria and I am one of those women. In 2000, while married I had an affair. As a result, I became pregnant. Not wanting to be caught in my infidelity, I chose to do something I had always been strongly against. I chose to abort my child. Finding this to be an ideal solution, I continued in my immoral behavior and a few months later was pregnant again and decided to abort that child as well.

It was not until 2006, when I rededicated my life to the Lord and found myself in a post-abortion Bible study, that I truly understood what I had done. Until that point, I did not believe that the abortions had had a negative effect on me. I did not realize how far I had turned from my relationship with the Lord. The friends I had, the choices I made, and the lifestyle I was living was destroying my fellowship with the One True King. I was not fine. Depression, promiscuity, low self-esteem, and anger were part of my life prior to my abortions, but after the abortion, they were magnified and ruling my life.

During the 8-week study, I discovered that the blood of Christ does indeed cover ALL sins! My decision to abort my children had broken the heart of my Savior, but if I would allow Him to, He could restore my heart, not to what it once was, but even better. He could actually use my secret of abortion to bring Glory to His name, further His Kingdom, and minister to other hurting women and men.

It was during my first mission trip to Guatemala, 4 years after completing that study that I came to realize what the Lord’s plans were for me. A team bonding exercise during our mission trip was to share our testimony. It was the first time I would include my abortion story. After sharing, 3 women came to me and confessed they had also had an abortion story. They were curious about the study I had completed and asked if I would be willing to lead them through it.

Since that time in 2010, I have led several women through this healing journey in our former home in Clearwater, Florida. I am now able to share this healing ministry with you and others in our community through the Alpha Women’s Resource Center. For many years the center had desired to expand the ministry to include post-abortion recovery, but did not feel they had the right resources. Through the grace of God, I have been able to join with them and facilitate an abortion recovery Bible study.

As a result of the fervent prayers of many, the ministry, Uncommon Joy: Finding Joy in the Most Uncommon Place, was born. This ministry allows us to walk with post-abortive women through the journey of finding forgiveness, healing, and restoration from their decision to abort. Through the Grace of God they find joy in Him and in the memory of their children who are now with their Heavenly Father.

I ask you to diligently pray for the ministry, the lives which will be impacted, and most importantly for our community to realize the women carrying the shame and guilt of abortion are aware of their sin. Our job is not to judge them, but to lead them to the One True Source of Healing, Jesus Christ.

Joyfully His,