Changing Direction

The front page of the Alabama Baptist, dated Sept. 19, 2013, featured the headline “Momentum Shift”. The article described a Birmingham abortion clinic closing as part of a national trend. There are now 5 abortion clinics in Alabama and the rate of abortions in this state has declined from 9,523 in 2011 to 9,046 in 2012.

The Guttmacher Institute, the statistical arm of Planned Parenthood, reports that there have been 50 million abortions in the United States since abortion was legalized in 1973, or approximately 1.2 million annually.

As a ministry, the Alpha Women’s Resource Center’s goal is to promote a culture of life and we celebrate when a woman initially abortion minded changes her mind and chooses life for her preborn baby. But what about those who did not choose life and are dealing with the aftermath of their decision?

Recently five volunteers and two staff members completed a post abortion recovery Bible study training. The group was led by a post abortive woman who has been facilitating recovery groups for several years. Although no one else in the group had experienced the heartache of abortion, several had had miscarriages and were given the opportunity to deal with those losses. Over an eight week period, the group faced many issues – anger, depression, forgiveness, and ultimately exchanged gut wrenching heartache for peace through Jesus Christ.

The next step is to make this recovery Bible study available to the women in our surrounding communities. Studies show that 1 in 3 women who sit in church pews on Sunday morning are post abortive. Satan would like nothing more than to keep women in bondage to the lie that they have committed an unpardonable sin. The Alpha center wants to help women and men break those chains and lead them to the freedom found in Christ through post abortion recovery.

On October 10, Stacy Massey will be speaking on this subject at the annual Alpha Fundraising Banquet. I heard Stacy speak at the 2013 Care Net Conference and she gave a powerful presentation about the need for post abortion recovery. After hearing her speak at the Alpha Banquet, I know you will have a better understanding of the overwhelming need for healing that is available through post abortion recovery. I encourage you to attend and reservations can be made by calling the center at 251-246-7750.

“Compassion lavished, love extravagant. He said, “Without question these are my people, children who would never betray me.”So he became their Savior. In all their troubles, he was troubled, too.  He didn’t send someone else to help them. He did it himself, in person. Out of his own love and pity he redeemed them. He rescued them and carried them along for a long, long time.” Is 63:7-9 (The Message)

Serving Him,

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