From the Director January 2021 “The New Year”

Endurance. It is the word that described the year 2020 and now continues into 2021. We have all been affected by the drastic changes going on in our country and around the world. Businesses, churches, people – we are all searching for something that is “normal”, but we do not know where to even begin to look.

We too have had to find ways to endure at the Alpha Women’s Resource Center. Is it safe to be open? How do we provide services? How many clients can we see at a time? The women we serve have had to endure a barrage of questions concerning their exposure to the Corona virus prior to and at the time of their appointment. We used to have the capability of opening our doors to anyone and now everything is under lock and key. New moms cannot have their loved ones with them when they have an ultrasound and see their new baby for the first time. In times of crisis, it is comforting to have someone go with you when you go for a doctor’s visit or visit the center for the first time and that is not possible right now.

We were created for community and instead we find ourselves isolated and alone. So, what are we to do? In Romans 15:5, the apostle Paul calls our Lord, “the God of endurance.” It is in Him that we find perfect endurance. “ It is the grace of endurance granted to you by the God of endurance that provides you with everything you need to continue to be what he calls you to be and do what he call you to do between this moment and the moment when you cross over to the other side. “ (quoted from New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp)

God has been so faithful to meet the needs of this ministry through the generosity and faithfulness of His people. As difficult as the year 2020 was, 31 babies were born to moms who came to the center and 175 times moms saw their babies on an ultrasound. Spiritual discussions took place 587 times and 788 units of service were provided. Despite having to close the center for several weeks and even longer before we were able to take the mobile medical unit out, lives were touched, changed, and saved. We are ever grateful for God’s endurance. May you continue to endure as well!

Serving Him,

Diane Pruitt

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