6,063 abortions in Alabama in 2017.  Of these, 95% were performed in Huntsville, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.

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A Christ-centered organization promoting a culture of life by serving people who are facing unplanned pregnancies and related sexual issues.

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Where Mercy Meets the Need of Forgiveness

Have you ever felt like your life is one bad choice after another? That what you do best is mess up? Do you hear that voice that says, “You’re a loser and always will be.”? Absolutely, I think we all have at one time or another. I know I have. So what do we do about it, how do we break the” bad choice after bad choice” habit? How do we counteract the voice that says, “You’re a loser and always will be.”? We need someone to tell us the good news of Jesus Christ. We need to know that because of His love and mercy, God sent His Son, Jesus, to die upon the Christ for sinners like us. “By this the love of God was manifested in us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world so that we might live through Him” (1 John 4:9) We need to know that God wants to come and live in our hearts and change our lives. We need to know that through Jesus, and only through Jesus, can we be forgiven. But, “how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard?” (Romans 10: 14b) That is where you come in. If you have experienced the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ in your life and desire to be obedient to His commandment to “go and tell”, I want to encourage you to consider becoming a Client Advocate at the Alpha Women’s Center. A client advocate is one who comes alongside others to “advocate” on their behalf, one who shares the good news... read more

Working on the “Wall”

The months have flown by this year and through it all, God has steadily made His presence known at the Alpha Center. We’ve been excited to see more clients come in, new volunteers come on board, and have sadly said goodbye to board members who have rotated off or stepped down. At the end of May, the Alpha Center invested in a one-day intensive board training. Under the direction of Mike Williams, a dynamic pregnancy center board consultant and pro-life speaker, the Alpha board has implemented new strategies in several areas of the ministry. We are now more intentional with advertising placement, and you will soon see a much larger sign in front of the Alpha Center, better defining what the ministry does. Our board members are now equipped with the tools they need to invite the community to catch the vision of the center. The center has also invested in a new donor website to better inform our supporters about the ministry and to encourage more online support. Alpha staff members have been busy too. Each of them has a section in this newsletter and I encourage you to take the time to read and catch up on the work being done in the different areas of the ministry. Every person associated with the ministry seeks to make a positive impression on the lives they touch through the Alpha center. The work being done here can be compared to the building of a brick wall. The wall is the Alpha Center, a ministry designed to save and protect the lives of those in need of help and hope.... read more

From Grey Gaillard

Abstinence For the 2013-2014 school year, we presented to 15 schools in 3 counties. Modifications to the program include the 6th grade class being taught the Changes program instead of 5th grade, an update to the DCO program for 10th grade, and the use of a grant to teach Aspire and Quest on an 8 day cycle in select schools. We had 11 volunteer Abstinence Presenters dedicated to teaching these students that saving sex for marriage is the safest and healthiest choice for their future and I became the Abstinence Coordinator when Amanda Schell stepped down. We are very excited to have given the Abstinence Program to 2734 students this school year! Fatherhood The Fatherhood Program is up and running! We have several clients who have participated in the program already. This program uses the Quest for Authentic Manhood© DVD series to teach young men how to be the best father and man of God they were designed to become. It addresses issues like defining fatherhood and manhood, dealing with wounds from the past, overcoming overly bonded mothers, and mentoring your child. If you know of a man who would like to become a Fatherhood Mentor, please contact the Alpha Center for details. Run To The Light 5k/1 Mile Fun Walk Our upcoming Run To The Light 5k/1 Mile Fun Walk is already off to a huge success! We have over 60 runners signed up and 20 sponsors! The event will be held on Aug 2nd at 7:00pm. If you haven’t signed up, there’s still time or you can sign up on the day of the event. We even... read more