Get Involved

You can make a difference.  Your service is priceless to Alpha Women’s Resource Center no matter if you are on the frontlines meeting with clients, making the grounds beautiful, or providing funds for programs to flourish.  Give the most valuable thing you have:  yourself.  Find a way to be involved and make the difference in a young woman’s life.





Your financial gifts allow Alpha Women’s Resource Center to make a significant impact by supporting women and men, saving unborn children, and sharing the love of Christ. You can also make a donation just by shopping! and will give a proceed from your purchase – what an easy way to give to Alpha Women’s Resource Center! Make a donation to change a life forever.


In just a few hours per week, you could be a part of saving a life, providing hope, and making a change in your community.  When you invest your time and talent at Alpha Women’s Resource Center, you can be on the front lines of saving a life and giving hope to those that are in need.  Become a part of our family.  Call Teresa Howard, our volunteer coordinator, at 251-246-7750 today!


Your business or church can partner with Alpha Women’s Resource center in endless ways!  From sponsoring an event to providing in-kind services, Alpha Women’s Resource Center needs your support.  Be a partner with us to impact lives, provide hope, and shine the light of Christ to the unborn babies and their mothers in our community.