The Fatherhood Program at the Alpha Women’s Resource Center is designed for men to discover how to be the best father and man of God they were created to be.  Using The Quest for Authentic Manhood© series, the program addresses specific challenges that new fathers face, and prepares them to start a new family with the right tools.

The Fatherhood Program addresses issues like:

  • What is fatherhood?
  • What is manhood?
  • The history of fathers
  • Wounds from the past
  • Overly bonded mothers
  • How to be a mentor to your child
  • How to be mentored
  • What the Biblical principles of authentic manhood are
  • The relationship between husband and wife
  • How to lead and serve

Fatherhood Baby

The greatest mark of a father is how he treats his children when no one is looking. Dan Pearce

How Can You Be Involved?

We need you to be a part of this integral ministry.  You can volunteer to be a Fatherhood Mentor, to help another man become the father God intended him to be.  Alpha Women’s Resource Center also needs support through donations, material donations (tools) and through prayer.  For more information, please contact Grey Gaillard, Fatherhood Coordinator at 251-246-7750.